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“Hero my boy, you keep working so hard, soon you’ll be the best cockle-doodle-doer in the yard.”

Inspired by the pet of the author’s neighbor, HERO Finds His Voice! is the story of a little rooster who has a sad, weak doodle-doo. He dreams of having a mighty cockle-doodle-doo like his Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father before him. After trying his hardest, Hero learns the joy and benefits of setting a goal, working hard and following dreams.

In this wonderful book author, Theresa Hamm-Smith shows young readers the joy and confidence that come through hard work.

HERO Finds His Voice! is written in a rhythmical, rhyming style together with enchanting illustrations.

About the Author: Theresa Hamm-Smith is a gifted musician and teacher. She enjoys sharing her love of music with students, preschoolers through adults. She finds inspiration in spending time with young children, senior citizens and communing in nature. She loves being a Wife and Mother and resides in her hometown of Conyers, GA with her family.

About the Illustrator: Paula Estes, affectionately known as "the baby whisperer" is a Mother, Wife and Grandmother. She is a gifted self-taught artist who resides in Conyers, GA with her family.

HERO Finds His Voice! can be purchased directly from the author, Beasley's Drug Company in Conyers, GA or